About The Man Behind The Collections

If you're curious about the person who founded Own My Creations, look no further than Waylan Loyd. His creative spirit has been with him since he was a child. He would sketch colorful drawings to display on the refrigerator and construct fantastical creations using Legos.

However, as he grew older, he became more aware of what was going on in the world. He wanted to use his talents to create a positive brand with a positive outlook. He believes that encouraging positive thinking and discouraging hatred is crucial, and has made it his mission to spread this message through his work.

One of his most successful endeavors has been the creation of Keep The Good Clear Out The Bad Daily Life Journals. These journals allow users to process both negative and positive thoughts, and help them start each day with a clear mind. Waylan has also developed other brands that focus on imagery and messages that brighten someone's day, even during stressful times.

Looking towards the future, Waylan hopes to support other artists who share his passion for spreading positivity. He envisions a community of like-minded individuals who can work together to make the world a better place.

So there you have it - a glimpse into the life and work of Waylan Loyd, the man behind Own My Creations. If you're interested in supporting his mission, consider purchasing one of his products and joining the movement towards a more positive and compassionate world.