• Waylan Loyd

    The Creator

  • You want to learn more about the man behind Own My Creations. His name is Waylan Loyd, and he’s been a creative individual since he was little, from drawing refrigerator art to building elaborate structures for his action figures. He also loved playing with his Legos that he could build anything his imagination came up with. 


    After seeing all the craziness going on in the world, Waylan wanted to build brands that had a positive outlook. His mission is to get people to think positively and stop spreading hatred. He started the process by creating his Keep The Good Clear Out The Bad Daily Life Journals, that help people clear their minds of negative thoughts and save all the good thoughts by writing them down in these journals. The other brands will be focusing on imagery that will make someone’s day brighter even if it’s a stressful one. In the future, Waylan wants to support other artists that have the same mission to spread positive thinking.


    Well, that’s a little about the creator of Own My Creations. You’re asking yourself how you can support this site, and the answer is easy buy his products.